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We are currently running a workshop on ‘Public Speaking and Presentation Skills’.

We’ve been helping people develop and improve their presentation skills for over 20 years.  Public speaking and presentations skills are becoming increasingly important in all areas of our lives.  Be it business, training, teaching, presentations or making that all important Best Man or Father of the Bride speech.  Whatever the occasion we are here to develop the skills and confidence you will need to stand up in front of an audience.  Fear of public speaking is commonly listed as one of the worst fears people suffer, often higher then flying and even dying!  We are here to help turn this irrational fear into something positive and dare I say it an enjoyable experience!

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Public Speaking/Presentations

Got an important speech to make? Feeling worried, nervous?

We are here to help.  We offer small group workshops (maximum 8) for anyone feeling worried about making that big speech or presentation. We have developed a professional workshop that will help you to:
  • Keep those nerves under control
  • Sound, feel and believe it or not look more confident!
  • Use your voice and body language to best effect
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  • Add interest and impact
  • Enjoy the spotlight!

Course Objectives

  • The Rules!  What to do and what not to do.
  • You’re in Control - Learn how to control your nerves and look and feel more confident
  • Sound & Motion - Learn to use your voice and body language – for maximum impact
  • What’s your style - Developing your own unique style
  • The Talk – plan and structure your talk/speech
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